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Approaching education with an authentic Biblical framework in each subject.

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Welcome To Our Community

Do you want your child to grow up knowing the Biblical worldview in education? At the root of every subject is a Biblical foundation and a providential view of history. Our courses use Biblical principles to cultivate the Biblical worldview that brings liberty to the individual, family, church, and nation.


Who We Are

We’re a group of Biblical worldview, born-again teachers who serve Christian parents and their families. We do this by providing education courses that cultivate the Biblical worldview based on the historic philosophy and method of Christian education.

Our courses are not only taught by Biblical Classical teachers, they are individually crafted, and independently operated and managed by each teacher.


Biblical Classical Community exists to help adults, youth, and children develop a practical Biblical worldview through courses, community, and connection.


We strive to be a community of Biblical Classical teachers that inspire others to think with the mind of Christ and live by the principles of Christ to uphold America’s Christian heritage. Meet Our Growing Community of Teachers.

What Is Biblical Classical Learning?

Biblical Classical learning is an understanding of foundational reasoning, first from the Bible to the subject (because God made the subject), and learning God’s Hand in History, (or learning God’s Story) of that subject.

What We Can Do For You

From courses to community to connections, we are here to help you grow and succeed.

Biblical Classical Principle Approach Homeschool Courses


Our courses are taught by
Biblical Classical Teachers.

Help shape your family’s convictions by learning Bible Principles that help form convictions and equip you for the stewardship of our culture.

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Connect with other parents and teachers for discipleship, encouragement, and refresher classes.

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Purpose and Results

A Biblical Classical education (whether The Principle Approach® or like-minded) forms convictions in the student about God’s view of the world. As Christians, we have the ability to positively impact our nation in the areas of Politics, Economics, Education, Religion, and Social Issues.

The PEERS worldview test is based on relevant categories for the health of our nation. In order to restore and keep our Constitutional Federal Representative Republic, individuals must have a Biblically theistic worldview.

As Christians become equipped with an internal Biblically theistic worldview, they are able to participate with an outworking of life and service.

You are great parents; you have the best interest for your children at heart. You’re in the fight for them⁠—the forefront of the battle. That battle is worldview.

We can help you with that so that your children end up with a Biblical Theistic worldview on the PEERS chart.

Understanding the PEERS Worldview Chart

The results shown on the Trend Chart are based on worldview assessment of approximately 125,000 students in over 1,000 Christian schools since 1988. The bottom line on chart reflects “worldview understanding” of youth from Christian homes but attending public schools. Results are obtained by administering the PEERS test to evangelical church youth groups.

The next line (yellow) are from what Nehemiah Institute classifies are Traditional Christian schools. The top line reflects results of both The Principle Approach® schools and Classical Christian schools where “worldview understanding” is foundational to their programs. The Principle Approach® schools have consistently produced the highest PEERS scores. Less than 5% of Christian schools in America are of either of these two types. Latest PEERS results can be seen at the Nehemiah Institute site. Visit Nehemiah Institute

(1)The Principle Approach® is a registered trademark of the Foundation for American Christian Education

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