High School Writing


High School Writing is a 24-week online course for Christian homeschool students in high school. We will explore the the biblical foundations of writing in each lesson, what the different types of writing are, and how to integrate biblical principles in your essays. Topics include the informative essay, the narrative essay, the persuasive essay, and many more types of writing. Students will need to be able to write a basic paragraph with minimal mistakes in grammar, structure, and coherency. Course begins August 14th. Join anytime. See more details below.



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High School Writing

This writing course gives students practice in writing using the Bible as their source of truth. Each week you will watch the video and complete the assignment which will be one 500-600 word essay. You will be required to research the Bible, review the basic elements of each type of writing, plan your essay topics, write a rough draft, evaluate and revise your essay before completing it. Each week the video will explain the assignment and give you tips for writing well.

There are several end results we will focus on in this course. First, students will develop a biblical purpose for writing. They will 1) know how biblical principles apply to writing, 2) see how important good communication is as a form of imparting redemption and hope, and 3) understand its necessity for successful and intelligent living. Second, students will understand how each type of writing is used to communicate and defend truth. They will learn to plan and organize their topics, write intentionally, and integrate biblical principles in a clear, coherent, and convincing way. Lastly, students will master basic English skills. They will know the building blocks of a good essay as a preparation for longer college level writing. They will know how to find words, use words, and organize sentences to effectively communicate their ideas.

If instructor feedback is desired, you can purchase Writing Instructor Feedback for $5 a month. All assignments will be monitored using Google Slides (must have a google account). No grades will be given, but students will receive feedback once a week for 4 weeks so they can improve their writing skills.


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