Bill Burtness

Session video begins on 7-6-2023

3:00 PM (PST) | 5:00 PM (CST) | 6:00 PM (EST)

Session Topic:

Family Government and Building Freedom Character

All education produces character, so what kind of character are we building in our children, and will it be able to handle freedom well, for their whole future?

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Bill Burtness, MSEE 1973, has been Visiting Professor of American Philosophy of Government at the University of Pristina, Political Science and Public Administration faculty, Pristina, Kosovo, 2004 to 2016. He has his Master‘s degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, USA. Prof. Burtness has taught at University of the Nations campuses internationally since 1980 and has been resource instructor at the University of the Nations School of Government and International Studies in Lausanne, Switzerland. He teaches extensively on the foundations of sustainable freedom worldwide. 

Bill and his wife Susan and their four children have been missionaries with Youth with a Mission since 1974.  Their children are Rachael (Piercey), Rebekah (Frost), John, and Mark – all of whom are excited about Jesus and serving Him with their families.

1974 Bill and Susan attended YWAM School of Evangelism, Lausanne, Switz.

1974-1976 Bill and Susan served on the YWAM Ark, evangelism and discipleship community on two big houseboats in inner city Amsterdam.  Bill taught the new and non-Christians’ daily Bible class.

1977 to present, Bill and Susan pioneered and lead YWAM Urbana, Illinois, USA.

2004 to present, Bill and Susan have been helping pioneer YWAM in Pristina, Kosovo.

Bill is the author of:

Judah Bible Curriculum (K-12) (1990), a Principle Approach K-12 Bible class curriculum, designed to be an entry-level Principle Approach Curriculum.

The Third Alternative: Christian Self-Government (2003)

Self-Evident Truths (2012) see

Bill is the director of: Education For Liberty Project

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