Biblical Classical | Part 1 | Word Studies

FALL 2023 Learn about the importance of mastering language and how to implement this element of an authentic Biblical Classical education. High School to Adult

Heather · March 6, 2021
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“Obtain for use a good Bible, a concordance, and a topical textbook. Any Teacher’s Bible embraces the two latter, or they can be obtained separately. They form a complete library, and by their aid the Bible can be studied with profit.” -Dwight L. Moody

Historically, Christians have used the Bible, a concordance, and a topical textbook in their studies. Doing that aids in reflective Biblical reasoning in all areas of life—which is the Hebraic method of learning.

As Biblical Classical students, we add to that Webster’s 1828 Dictionary because Noah Webster did thorough research of words and the definitions God gave them—giving us the only Biblical worldview dictionary. That, in addition to D.L. Moody’s counsel, helps us to study “life” and “subjects” with profit.

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Heather is a wife and homeschooling mom of ten. She's a certified Master Teacher in the Principle Approach® and she has been teaching with it for over 15 years.

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