Hidden Treasures in Education | Joshua Vaughn

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A Providential God Evidenced in Universal History

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Joshua Vaughn is the father of six children. They’re ages 21, 19, 16, 13, 9, and 5.

He has lived in Guatemala, Panama, Africa, Singapore, Fiji, France, and the United States.

He has been involved in education since 1999 and taught everything from preschool up through teacher training classes. He has taught all subjects, except algebra and chemistry! 

Joshua and his wife started and ran a Christian school in California for 12 years. God recently had them transition the school over to the church they’re associated with, and they have transferred to Oklahoma, where he’s teaching high school literature in a Christian school. 

Their goal now is to develop a Teachers Institute to train teachers in the philosophy, methodology, and application of providential education. God has begun to open many doors in Latin America to teach administrators, teachers, and parents biblical principles.

They’re also helping families who want to homeschool with consulting. His wife is homeschooling their two youngest.

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