JanetSue Whetzel

JanetSue raised two sons and taught them until they went to school. She used every summer to teach them about missions and other life skills.

She was trained as an ACE and A-Beka teacher for kindergarten in 1983, and worked at the same church school for over 2 years. Her sons attended that same school.

Both sons have families and children. She has six grandchildren who have been trained in church. Four out of six of her grandchildren are Christians.

In 1986, she joined Youth With a Mission (YWAM). One of her outreaches was helping a Japanese preschool class and kindergarten class.

In 1990, JanetSue Whetzel received an AA degree in Bible from YWAM in Twin Oaks, Texas. Larry Allen was head of her Bible school. She taught in the YWAM ministry at Christian Heritage preschool and Reading Class as her work duty, after lunch.

Her sons also went to Christian Heritage school, while she went to schools and taught.

In 1994, she went to worship school led by Jimmy and Carol Owins. After that, she was asked to take over the Christian Heritage School elementary music classes, which included helping to direct two music programs each school year. In connection to teaching music, several parents asked her to teach guitar lessons to their children.

JanetSue taught with Clair Boettcher, Reading Class, for 19 years at Christian Heritage School at YWAM in Tyler, Texas.

Her sons were part of different YWAM ministries, graduated from Christian Heritage School and went on to college.

In 1996, JanetSue helped Mr. Kilkenny start the Teachers for the Nations School, with the goal to start a Teacher for the Nations school on a Jamaica YWAM missions base in the future.

She taught part of the day in kindergarten and in elementary grades for music.

In 1997, she started helping Mr. Kilkenny full-time because he gave her a lot more responsibility for the Teachers for the Nations school.

In 2002, she went to Jamaica to start a Teachers for the Nations 9-month school. She followed Mr. Kilkenny’s written curriculum that he personally developed. She taught 6 subjects a week for Teacher’s for the Nations, wrote out the curriculum for her new school, and developed it for Jamaica teachers by researching God’s Hand in Providential History in Jamaica. She did everything to make the school like James Kilkenny’s 9-month school.

She also received a BA degree from Mr. Kilkenny’s YWAM Twin Oaks while she was training teachers in Jamaica. She wrote a second Teacher’s for the Nations school under Mr. Kilkenny’s approval for an AA degree in teaching. YWAM’s University of the Nations approved of it and both schools were listed in University of the Nation’s catalog. She never had students for her second school. In relation to starting University of the Nations schools, she became a University of the Nations teacher.

She was in Jamaica, teaching in their elementary school and the training for their teachers, then she was head of the board of directors for 6 years of her 10 years there. She was also a YWAM Base Director for this same place, YWAM, Stones of Hope, Jamaica.

Then, in 2015 Mr. Kilkenny asked her to go back to Dayspring and help him with Teachers for the Nations again. She went back. In 4 months he had a stroke and 3 days later died.

Her recent years have consisted of helping Mrs. Kilkenny run Teachers for the Nations. She taught and graded all the papers for the Philosophy class. One year, she taught Writing Road to Reading.

Then, last year (2021), Teachers for the Nations had to stop.

JanetSue knows too much to stop. She is working long-distance, with Bill and Susan Burtness as her mentors.

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