John Hunter


John and Suzanne Hunter have been in international missions, education and humanitarian work for 50 years. Their scope of ministry experience is extensive. Most recently they lived and ministered in Windhoek, Namibia since 1997 where they established and direct the “Foundation for African Christian Education” and “Teachers for Africa. ”They founded Community Hope School in 2005 in the old Damara Location of Katutura, Namibia. The ministry continues today at their new center, The Lighthouse. Many of the children are orphans who have been affected by the HIV epidemic.

John and Suzanne train educators in what they call Providential Education, a historic method of education which teaches the truths of God’s Word as the foundation of every subject.

John is a master potter (53 years) and weaves incredible teaching imagery right before your very eyes as he teaches from the scriptures while he makes pottery on his potter’s wheel. He lectures worldwide on “Men and Nations in the hands of the Master Potter”at churches, schools andmission conferences. His unique gift of “hands on” teaching & speaking make for an amazing ministry presentation! 

Suzanne has a passion for literacy and mentors teachers closely to help them gain mastery of their subjects.