Hidden Treasures In Education Conference All Access Pass (2022)

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Hidden Treasures In Education Conference All Access Pass

If you missed the conference here is an opportunity to enjoy lifetime access to the sessions with the All Access Pass. Lifetime access means the lifetime of Biblical Classical Community (for your immediate family living in your household). Sessions are available to you with unlimited views.



Biblical Classical Community’s (virtual) Biblical Classical Homeschool Conferences™ are to equip, enlighten, and inspire Christian homeschool parents. God’s practical, intelligent, and applicable principles bring liberty to the individual, family, church, and nations—all to give God glory! We’d love to welcome you to our homeschool conference!


The Hidden Treasures in Education, the First Annual Biblical Classical Homeschool Conference

There are hidden treasures in education for Christian homeschool parents to discover. This Christian homeschool conference will help you to see some of those gems to equip, inspire, and encourage you in the high calling of discipling your children.

Session Topics and Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Stephen McDowell on The Biblical Family

Speaker: Heather Hall on Art as Discipleship

Speaker: Bill Burtness on The Importance of Training Character in Our Children

Speaker: Raquel Werk on Foundations of Elementary Writing

Speaker: Jill White on The Tutorial Spirit

Speaker: Joshua Vaughn on A Providential God Evidenced in Universal History

Speaker: Bonus Session by Mrs. Jeanette Whittaker on Remembering the Hand of God




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