Raquel Werk

Session video begins on 7-7-2023

4:00 PM (PST) | 6:00 PM (CST) | 7:00 PM (EST)

Session Topic:

Literature: Reading Books with

Distinctly Christian Principles

The books you read aloud to your children matter. Literature forms the character and conscience and a biblical perspective should be at its center.

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Raquel Werk has over 20 years of teaching experience with the Biblical Principle Approach and a master’s degree in Christian curriculum design from Regent University. She homeschooled her two children and other people’s children for 12 years, taught in Christian schools for 4 years, and worked as a teacher in the public schools for 6 years all while integrating a biblical worldview in every lesson. She lives with her husband in Maui working full-time on creating online courses and running a homeschool program locally. She loves kids and teaching what the Bible says about every subject in the curriculum.

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