History | Federalist versus Anti-Federalists: Using the Writings of Both to Form a Perfect Union.

This course is called "Federalist versus Anti-Federalists: using the writings of both to form a perfect union" and it's taught by Ted Lamb.


This course is open to both adults and high school students.


The course will be for twenty weeks, and the topics will be over issues such as "why a stronger union" and "the reason for an Executive Branch."


Enjoy twenty weeks covering over fifteen topics using the writings of Federalists and Anti-Federalists to make their case.


The total cost is $100.00. If you have two or more family members enrolled, a $20.00 discount for each student will apply.


Join us and learn so very much about our history.



tjlamb1 · December 25, 2021

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My name is Ted Lamb and I am an educator. I use primary sources in my lessons and sometimes I will use excerpts from a textbook. I have been an educator for over 24 years. My Bachelors is in Social Studies Education and my Masters is in Special Education. My specialty is history and government.

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