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Elementary Reading 1 Online Course is for homeschool parents who want to learn how to teach young children (grades K-2) how to read. This covers all aspects of letter recognition, blending, segmenting, fluency, and early comprehension. You'll have a big picture view of this subject and be able to adjust instruction with your child to meet their individual needs. You no longer have to guess how to help you child when they get stuck. You will have access to numerous teaching strategies that you can use that give you the confidence to teach reading successfully. Get yourself in a simple and straightforward routine every week or use the routines flexibly. Teaching reading will be fun and creative and help you develop habits in your child that get them reading, spelling, and writing.

Raquel · November 21, 2023

The best way to approach this course is to learn all the components of this reading program and then take parts of it and implement them one at a time. Practice 2 or more routines in a week’s time with your children then add more routines as you see fit. If students aren’t following directions easily and it gets confusing, skip it and come back to it the following week. Start with easy routines and work your way through more. Over time, you will get better!!! I promise! I did!!

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Hi!! I am happy to be here and so excited to meet you!! I am originally from California and have lived in Hawaii on the island of Maui with my husband and two kids since 1995. I homeschooled my kids and other people's kids in my home for 12 years. I also taught in the classroom in private and public schools for 8 years. My passion is Christian education and I love children. One of my favorite verses is Colossians 2:3, "In [Christ] are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." I look forward to discovering these hidden treasures with you in my courses!!

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