Foundations: Pre-Reading and Reading Class

JanetSue · June 9, 2022

This is a Pre-Reading and Reading Class for adults so they can help teach pre-reading to preschool and kindergarten aged children. It may also be used to help teach adults how to read. Invest in yourself and invest in others.

The first 16 lessons cover:

  • Introduction
  • Good reading foundations
  • Instruction in teaching reading
  • Instruction in teaching writing

There will be roughly 16 more lessons coming; these will give instruction on how to teach the rest of the phonograms with the rules and spelling words.

This course is donation-based with a minimum cost of $5.

This course is taught by JanetSue Whetzel.

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Teaching how to write a capital letter phonogram using the capital size clock face from C - S.

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  • 8 Lessons
  • 28 Topics