Ron Kirk

Ron Kirk has been married to Christina since 1971.

He has studied and practiced Biblical and historic education since 1980.

After first studying mathematics and physics at Moorpark Community College in Southern California, Ron received his bachelor of arts degree in 1974 from the University of California, Berkeley, where he learned that pagan ideas don’t work.

In his last year at university, God by His grace brought him to a saving relationship with Christ.

Since 1974, Ron has practiced professional landscape architecture for the County of Orange, and in his own private California practice.

Frustrated at the lack of Biblical education instruction, but rather behavior psychology, in the Kirks’ church children’s ministry, their lives changed dramatically when introduced to The Principle Approach®(1) which provided the needed background to begin bridging the proverbial gap between Biblical theory and practice.

Ron founded the Marantha Oaks Christian Academy for Calvary Chapel, Thousand Oaks, California in 1981.

Working closely with The Principle Approach’s® founders, Ron founded the Master’s School in Camarillo, California, in 1982, where he pioneered contemporary expressions of seamless relationally-based, Biblically derived child education, ultimately developing curriculum for, and teaching every grade and school subject for the next twenty-five years.

Since 2008, Ron has worked for Nordskog Publishing Christian book publisher as manuscript review, theology, and newsletter editor.

In 2013, Nordskog published Ron’s book Thy Will Be Done: When All Nations Call God Blessed, where he introduces applied-Biblical-faith thinking in a wide range of life-topics from personal and family life, to business, education, leisure, and every sphere of civil government.

Since 2021, with the help of Christian tech enterpriser Rob Monster, Ron has devoted himself to polishing and publishing his life’s work in systematic and practical Biblical worldview training, teacher training, and school design and curriculum.

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