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Lesson 11 How to Divide Fractions and Practice & Assessment

Raquel February 11, 2023


    1.  Rewrite the problem so that the second fraction is the reciprocal (opposite) and the problem becomes a multiplication problem. (Flip the second and multiply.)

    2.  Change mixed numbers to improper fractions.

    3.  Multiply the numerators and then the denominators. Cross cancel if possible.

    4. Reduce or Simplify (Final answer should be a proper fraction or mixed number).

    Sample Assessment for Dividing Fractions

    coming soon

    ACTION STEP: Practice dividing the three types of fraction problems (simple fractions; mixed numbers; whole numbers) on the worksheets from Unit 7 until you can complete one whole worksheet in less than 20 minutes with no more than 2 incorrect (8 must be correct).