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Lesson 4 Biblical Foundations and Practice & Assessment

Raquel February 11, 2023

This lesson teaches biblical principles and how they are related to fractions.

Part 1 – God’s Principle of Individuality

Part 2 – The Christian Principle of Self-Government

ACTION STEPS: Memorize this list of answers for the foundation questions, which can also be found on page 12 of the Guidebook, and let me know when you are ready to give it.

Answers to the Assessment:

1. Possible answers may be:

  • When something/someone is broken, they are free. 
  • Breaking the law of God results in severe penalties from God.
  • We can break down false idols or strongholds.
  • God breaks us down to make us stronger.
  • We can break out into joy or singing.
  • Jesus’ body was broken for our sins.

2.  We can be free from sin and have the power to overcome our struggles through the power of God.

3.  We can make a whole out of something that is broken.

4.  Operating fractions builds in us the ability to break numbers apart and put them back together.

5.  We use our knowledge of fractions to solve problems and build something.

6.  Fractions are important because we can use the knowledge to take dominion of the earth.

7.  Fractions gives us power to overcome our own ignorance and sin.

8.  Fractions require focus and discipline.

9.  The power to master fractions come from God.

10.  Psalm 8:6 says that God made us to have dominion.