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Lesson 6 Making Equivalent Fractions and Practice & Assessment

Raquel February 11, 2023

In this lesson, you will learn how to make equivalent fractions in preparation for adding and subtracting fractions. When you are done watching the video, use the Guidebook and the tips below to practice and prepare for your assessment. A sample assessment is outlined below. Finally, your Action Step is at the bottom in red.


In the worksheets for this lesson, you won’t have to find the common denominator between two fractions. You will only be looking for the missing denominator or numerator.

To find the missing denominator or numerator, ask “What number is used to get the new denominator or numerator?” Multiply that number with the old denominator or numerator to get the missing denominator or numerator.

Sample Assessment for Finding Equivalent Fractions:

To find an equivalent fraction for 6 over 9, with a common denominator of 63, I ask the question, “What number do I multiply with 9 to get 63?” The answer is 7. Then I multiply the same factor (7) with 6 to get 42. The equivalent fraction of 6 over 9 is 42 over 63.

ACTION STEP #1: Practice equivalent fractions on the worksheets from the Unit 3 lesson until you can complete one whole worksheet in less than 10 minutes with no more than 4 incorrect (16 must be correct).

ACTION STEP #2: If you need more practice with reducing and converting fractions from Lesson 5, then practice Actions Step #4 from Lesson 5.

ACTION STEP #3: Practice for the Lesson 6 Assessment and let me know when you are ready to give it.