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Students will watch video lessons to learn the methods, utilize practice worksheets to gain mastery, and as an assessment, deliver an oral explanation of how the methods were used to solve fraction problems in each unit.

The way this course works is that students meet the instructor for 1 hour to review the lesson and get specific instructions on the week’s goals. Students can also ask for instructor feedback on their assignments. All course materials, including a short pre-recording of the week’s lesson, will be posted in the week’s lesson here on the BCC website under the course you purchased. No additional materials will be needed other than paper, pencil, and a computer with wifi connectivity.

Then, students will be expected to complete 1 whole worksheet of math problems every school day (3-4 times a week) until they are able to complete a whole worksheet in less than 20 minutes with 80% accuracy and be able to explain in detail how they solved one of those problems. Each lesson comes with about 10 practice worksheets. Students will NOT be turning in completed worksheets for grading. Students will be responsible to use the provided answer sheets to have someone else check their work. However, students will submit to the instructor an assessment in the form of a video or essay explaining how a fraction problem is solved. There are 9 assessments that students will submit to the instructor whenever student’s have met the lesson goal:

  1. Foundations
  2. Reducing/Converting
  3. Equivalent Fractions
  4. Adding Fractions
  5. Subtracting Fractions
  6. Subtracting Fractions with Trading
  7. Multiplying Fractions
  8. Dividing Fractions
  9. Converting to Decimals and Percents

A Path to Mastery worksheet will be provided to keep track of assessment progress. When an assessment is submitted and evaluated by the instructor, student’s will be able to move to the next lesson. Students who have not mastered the week’s lesson, should not progress to the subsequent lesson. If students need more time to master the week’s skills, they should take as much time as needed. The instructor will be available through the Zoom call on Fridays or via private message to answer questions and review assessments. The instructor will also be available after the length of the course if purchase of the Extended Instruction is made for $8 a month. Click here to purchase the Extended Instruction product.

This course covers fractions concepts that are typically taught in grades 5-8 all the way through pre-algebra. Students who master the concepts in the entirety of this course are typically ready for Algebra 1, although there might be other concepts besides fractions that students might also need. This course should be a supplement to a typical math curriculum. It’s designed to give students a lot of practice in solving fractions problems. If students reach the goal before using up all the worksheets, then they are ready to progress to the next lesson. It’s ok if students take longer than a week to master one week’s lesson. They should take as long as they need. If they are disciplined enough to practice consistently and are able to explain how a problem can be solved, it shouldn’t take longer than 9-10 worksheets. With quick learners, they might only need 2-3 practice worksheets. Take as long as you need and make your focus to practice consistently and in 45 minute sessions. Furthermore, there’s no need to finish a worksheet if it takes a student longer than 45 minutes. Simply come back to it the following day. The goal is to get faster and faster over time.

The unique differences between this course and other math curricula that teach fractions are:

  1. Students get access to the instructor twice a week to help students figure out what they need to remember to succeed.
  2. Students get a biblical worldview of fractions to help them see the spiritual and practical significance of the subject.
  3. Students get adequate practice in this subject so that algebra problems are easier to solve later on.
  4. Students get a strong sense of accomplishment as they get immediate feedback of their progress and mastery.

I teach concepts in a short easy-to-understand way and utilize repeated practice worksheets in a concentrated block of time (Mar 17-May 19) to help students master the concepts without all the other competing concepts they need to learn. You can join this class anytime. During the live Zoom sessions, I will be following the dates of the lesson, answering questions, and helping students get their practice started. We can discuss any of the lessons during the Zoom class and you can watch the pre-recorded lesson anytime.

Fractions is foundational to higher math. Helping your child master fractions will ensure their success in math in the future.

If your child struggles with their multiples, do not take this course. It requires a proficient working of basic multiplication to start off on the right foot. If your child can multiple 4769 times 8 or divided by 8 in less than 1 minute (mentally or on paper), he or she is ready for this course. If your child has had 3-5 years of basic fractions instruction on the primary level, then he or she is ready for the course. If your child needs extra practice with fractions and gets easily confused with all the ways of learning about fractions, then he or she would benefit from this course. If your child loves challenges and competitions, then he or she will love this course. If you, as the parent, need the help of another teacher that is available to give specific, targeted, and individualized instruction during the week, this course is for you.

I look forward to helping your child be GREAT at solving fraction problems!!!


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