To Train Up A Child BPA Homeschool Summit All Access Pass (2023)

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To Train Up a Child Homeschool Summit All Access Pass

If you missed the summit, here is an opportunity to enjoy lifetime access to the sessions with the All Access Pass. Lifetime access means the lifetime of Biblical Classical Community (for your immediate family living in your household). The sessions are available to you with unlimited views.

Biblical Classical Community’s (online) Biblical Classical Homeschool Summits are to equip, enlighten, and inspire Christian homeschool parents. God’s practical, intelligent, and applicable principles bring liberty to the individual, family, church, and nations—all to give God glory! We’d love to welcome you to our homeschool summit!

To Train Up a Child, Biblical-Principle Approach Homeschool Summit™

Parents need to be equipped for training up children in a Post Modern world. Firstly, how did we get to this point? Secondly, how does one train their children for living in a Post Modern world? This year’s summit addresses this ever-relevant life topic to help prepare parents for such a time as this!

Sessions Include:

Darrow Miller, with Disciple Nations Alliance
Session: The Three Books and the Creation of Western Civilization

Bill Burtness, with The Judah Bible Curriculum
Session: Family Government and Building Freedom Character

Christian Overman, Formerly with Biblical Worldview Institute
Session: Does “Set Your Mind on Things Above, Not on Earthly Things Mean I don’t Have to Mow the Lawn?”

Heather Hall, with Principled Academy
Session: Training Character in Children Through Art

Raquel Werk, with The Principled Teacher
Session: Literature: Reading Books with Distinctly Christian Principles

Janet Sue Whetzel, YWAM Missionary
Session: God Made Every Subject

Ted Lamb, of Lamb’s Academy
Session: Training a Child in the Way to Go Through Primary Sources

Ted Lamb, of Lamb’s Academy
Bonus Session: Training not Draining Your Child


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